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Only three weeks... 21 days... or 504 hours.… No matter how you look at it, little Ronan should not be fighting such a battle already.


After all, he was on the fast track to happily ever after!


Instead of being born in a shelter or on the streets, Ronan’s momma was taken in by The Good Dog Rescue. The organization provided a safe and loving foster home, quality food and a nice, soft and warm nursery for the delivery. Ronan had only had his eyes open for a handful of days. He was starting to toddle around and play with his brothers and sisters.


During socialization and snuggle time on a Sunday afternoon, his foster parent, Angela Rodenburg, business office manager at Life Care Center of Westminster, Colorado, noticed some swelling around his neck. Monday found Ronan on the surgery table at Liberty Animal Hospital with an abscess.


With too many stiches to count and a drain in place, Ronan was sent home with his foster family. The veterinarian informed Rodenburg that Ronan could not be left unattended with his siblings and momma for fear that they would dislodge the drain or pull out his stiches. Thankfully, Rodenburg knows the perfect place for excellent care: Life Care Center of Westminster.


Rodenburg said the first day she brought Ronan to work, he was held by three different residents before she even made it to her office.


Resident Linda Peterson said, “What a nice way to start the day!”


It’s not just the residents who love the foster pup, either. Ronan’s drain and wound were promptly inspected by several of the nursing associates and deemed healing nicely.  


It didn’t take long for word to travel to resident Judy Wright that a rescue pup was in the facility. She promptly arrived at the business office to hold and snuggle Ronan as long as needed. She could be overheard saying, “Grandma’s got you. I love you. You are so beautiful.”


She told Ronan, “I will sit here holding you as long as you want!”


Ronan will continue his “grandma therapy” at Life Care Center of Westminster until released by his doctor. If you’d like to make a donation to Ronan’s medical expenses, please visit paypal.me/GoodDogRescue.

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